Winner of UKGE Award best role playing game 2023, solo-RPG, journaling game

Winner of UKGE Award Best Role Playing Game, 2023

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No dice unrolled solo RPG review of Be Like A Crow

No Dice Unrolled Review

Before starting my review of Be Like a Crow, I’d like to ask you a question; have you ever dreamed of being a crow? To be able to fly as a creature that has always been linked to the spiritual world and magic? Well, Be Like A Crow, the solo game written by Tim Roberts and published by Critical Kit, offers this opportunity to anyone who wants to build a personalized and potentially infinite story in the role of a very particular bird.

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DOLG review of the solo RPG Be Like A Crow

Diary of a Lincoln Geek review

I'd spotted Be Like a Crow by Critical Kit at this year's UK Games Expo and had made a mental note to buy a copy, as I was drawn to the gorgeous cover art and it being a solo RPG. I really enjoy roleplaying, but my experience is that it's really tricky to coordinate a bunch of folks and their schedules to consistently find a time when you will all be free to run a consistent campaign ...

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Be Like A Crow and Crowthulu play through review, solo RPG

Reviews by R'lyeh

Be Like a Crow: A Solo RPG is a journaling game which enables the player to take to the skies as a corvidae—crow, magpie, jackdaw, or rook—over multiple landscapes and differing genres, achieving objectives, exploring, and growing as they learn and grow old. Published by Critical Kit, a publisher better known for its scenarios for Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition...

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