Our Story


"God does not play dice." Albert Einstein


Sometimes it's a matter of life and death, other times it's more trivial: such as whether you can convince the tavern owner to give you free ale. Whatever the reason, whenever success can't be taken for granted, we reach for that d20 and we pray for a good roll.

Dice are an integral part of the stories we tell when we sit around the table together. Everyone has a different relationship with their dice. There's the superstitious, the stackers, the collectors, and the blow-into-the-palm-of-your-handers (there has to be a better word for them).

Having your own set of dice, or several, or hundreds, is an important part of the stories we tell. That's what inspired me to create stories for all of the dice that I find and choose to stock on this site.

I spend hours looking for dice for this site. Dice that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you. Each set of dice that is selected for CritKit has its own Origins story, written by me -  a story that becomes yours as soon as the dice are in your hands. From that moment on, their legend and yours become intertwined.

So Mr Einstein, we like to think God does play dice because in our worlds he does.