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Fresh in - New DnD/TTRPG Dice Sets

Shiny math rocks for your role-playing needs.

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  • Blue mushroom dnd dice set, TTRPG role playing game, dice goblin and dice dragon collectors, druid dice set

    DND Dice Sets

    Hundreds of styles to choose from for every budget, and character colour palette.

  • Da Funk sharp edge TTRPG/DnD dice set, TTRPG, role playing games, dice goblin and critical critters

    Sharp Edge Dice Sets

    Hand-finished, luxury dice sets all with musically-themed names.

  • metal dnd dice set, metal rpg dice set, steampunk dice set for dice goblin and critical critter

    Metal Dice Sets

    Solid table breakers and lightweight hollow sets with beautifully crafted designs.

  • Monthly Dice Box

    November's sub-box theme is Fireworks.

  • D&D accessories, dice towers, dice bags, resin terrain and figurines


    Bags, Trays and towers to care for your dice, plus resin terrain for IRL games.


Original TTRPG Publications

  • TTRPG role-playing, solo RPG Be Like A Crow, journaling game

    Be Like a Crow - a Solo RPG

    Take to the skies as a corvid in one of 6 settings including fantasy, gothic, steampunk and cyber-crow in this highly-original solo journalling RPG for one player.

  • MacDeath a D&D 5e one-shot adventure, dnd one shot, one shot dnd

    5e One-Shot Adventures

    From a heist on an floating casino to a FeyWild murder mystery, we have a range of wondrous adventures that can be played as one-shots or integrated into a larger campaign.

    Download MacDeath for FREE!

    More 5E one-shots 
  • Frosty mini for a Yuletide snowball massacre TTRPG roleplaying game

    A Yuletide Snowball Massacre for 5E

    A festive battle royale for 5E one shot Adventure (PDF). Up to 6 players can battle it out to entertain Queen Mab in the Perpetual Winter Arena for a special prize.

    Yuletide RPG 
  • White Sands and activist role playing, TTRPG, from a dnd dice store

    White Sands - Your objective: to fight against MegaCorps and return clean air to the hands of the people.

    In this rules-lite role-playing game for two or more players, you and a group of your neighbours will join a fledgling activist group known as The Breathless.

    I want to fight for clean air 
  • Death Valley is a RPG, multiplayer role playing game, where you play the undead.

    Death Valley - A horror western, where you play the undead.

    This quick-start rulebook contains all you need to dive into the world of Death Valley, where you will take on the role of an undead resident of Bardo’s Bluff. Whether you desire to exist in peace or seek out revenge for your wrongful killing, there is always something or someone determined to make your life hell.

    Let me play the undead 
  • D666 a dungeon building solo RPG review by Tabletop Gaming

    D666 - A solo dungeon building RPG

    Grab three six-sided dice, a notebook and a pen and get ready to build your own personal hell and fill it with devices of torment.

    I want to create a dungeon 

Q-Workshop dice sets, dice bags and dice cups.

Q-Workshop provide a wonderful varied of dice sets and accessories, from Steampunk, Japanese, Celtic, Dragon and Witcher to suit your RPG adventures.

Call of Cthulhu

Q-WORKSHOP have created a set of seven dice suited for all seven editions of the excellent game Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium, one of the oldest publishers of role-playing games still in existence.

Liquid Core Dice

Dice with inclusions

From unicorns, to ghosts, ducks to pegasus. Check out our range of DND/TTRPG dice with inclusions.

Handmade D20 chonks

Pack Your Bags!

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