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Grab a drink and whilst you have a 5 minute break from your activities, you can check out the ramblings from Critical Kit and where we have been out and about to.

Thank you for stopping by - Tim and Sarah ^^

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LFCC London Film and Comic Con, TTRPG dice sets for DND Dungeons and Dragons and dice goblin collectors

LLFC, July 2023

This was our first time at a Show Masters Event and with Molly breaking down before we even made the first junction, we encountered our 'worst case' scenario for a convention.

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MCM London, Critical Kit dnd Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG dice sets for role playing games

MCM, London - May 2023

There's nothing like it, for cos-playing and it's an absolute joy to see all the stunning costumes and so many talented people, as well as playing our own personal game of, name that cos-play :)

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DND dice sets for TTRPG, role playing games and dice goblin collectors

OK2BU Donation

We are proud to have donated 10% of June 2023 sub-box revenue to OK2BU who provide support to young LGBTQ+ persons in Somerset.

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Swansea Comic Con, Critical Kit May 2023 dnd dice store UK for role playing games

Swansea Comic Con

On the road to Swansea Comic Con, 13 - 14 May 2023

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Mega Con Live Birmingham, TTRPG, cos players, DND dice uk

Mega Con Live, Birmingham

What wondrous delights were in stall for us at Mega Con Live, Birmingham - thank you to all who visited us.

Mega Con Live
Aire Con convention 2023 Critical Kit

Aire Con 2023

Aire Con is an exiciting TTRPG gaming convention based in the beautiful setting of Harrogate in Yorkshire which offers a broad selection of gaming traders, guest speakers, extensive board game library and bring and buy, as well as a wide selection of food venders. What's not to love!

Critical Kit at Aire Con 2023