Swansea Comic Con - May 2023

Swansea Comic Con - May 2023

Back from an eventful weekend in Swansea.  This was not only our first time exhibiting at the con, but also in Swansea and we loved both.  Anyone who has ventured on the M5 on a Friday will know that you’re not going to be arriving anywhere in the expected time, so it did take us longer than anticipated to reach the venue.  It was a pretty drive and finally a break from what has seemed like relentless rain.

Set up varies from convention and this was the first time taking the Minor Arcana dice sets and tarot cards.  Tim’s RPGs are expanding and with the Kickstarter for Be Like A Cat, heading into the final 7 days, it won’t be long until it will be joining Be Like A Crow, which continues to be well received.

I was going to say that we didn’t pick too much ourselves, although now that I have photographed our haul, perhaps it was more than I thought, oops!

Sunday morning me and Tim finally managed to have a play through Achroma.  We met the team, two years ago at Beachhead, when they were demoing, ahead of their successful Kickstarter.  Seeing them next at MCM, London they are going from strength to strength.  The aesthetic and designs of the cards are stunning. Finally we had a chance to have a play through and we are excited to have bought our first card pack, The Fall of Flutterby.  I am aware from enthusiastic fans of the game that this can be a slippery slope.  

Speaking of slippery slope, mini painting!  I had been eyeing the paints at Beachhead, then Aire Con and now here in Swansea.  As we were next to Kieran of Modular Worlds, I picked up, Holly Appleberry, a Gnome Wizard, who was a character in one of his D&D campaigns.  They have a plush ferret on their shoulder and in need of painting. I grabbed some purple, which turned out to be the exact colour of their vibrant quaffed fringe.  They also needed additional colours, so I have my first speed paints.  Tim already has the primer, so I am keen to get started on painting not only Holly, but a couple of other mini’s I picked up at Aire Con, which are patiently awaiting to be brought to life.

I do have to add that the volunteers and staff at Swansea, are some of the most supportive and invested in you as traders that we have experienced.  It was a pleasure to attend and we’re looking forward to returning.


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Conventions are always a lot of fun and we love having the opportunity to meet new and existing customers, as well as seeing familiar faces from the circuit and those of you who join Tim’s Twitch streams. We appreciate you taking the time to come and see us and chat.  

I am still blown away by Nala, an emotional support kitten, who was amazing. I can genuinely say that I have never seen a more chilled, as well as beautiful creature.  It was also her tender years, I want to say she was 8 weeks, Tim says 4 months - either way she is still a baby and so intuned with her owner.  Amazingly, I never would have thought that a cat would be such amazing emotional support and so content in a busy and active convention.  Apparently rabbits also make great emotional support pets.  Honestly, I was truly amazed. 

Thank you to all of you who visited us and stopped by for a chat.  It was great to see you as always x

Next MCM London.


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