Paper DnD D20 dice lamp

Paper DnD D20 dice lamp

A little paper craft for the weekend and I loved the results.

Many moons ago, I was an avid Paper Crafter and ran many a craft workshop and had my first taste of exhibiting at conventions.  Roll on a few years and my creative spirit has returned. 

Now with this project, I was just eye balling it and not quite sure of the results.  I will definitely be trying this again, with the exception of not using Whasi tape.  As eye catching this tower of metallic glittery tapes was, it didn't preform its basic function of sticking!.  No matter how much I rubbed it down, it just kept on definitely lifting, so much so my affection for it was wearing thin.  Also i the end, I realised it was was needed and the finished die would look better without it.  I suppose less is better.

Equally I hand drew and cut out the numbers.  If you have a stencil or are fortunate enough to have a craft cutter - knock yourself out, you will be unlimited in the illuminations you could create.

Regardless of all these, when night fall finally arrived and the lights were turned out and it was lit for the first time, I was genuinely excited with the results and how the numbers were projected onto the wall.

Now I did, cut out all the faces and left one, open so that you can reach the battery tea-light.  You could equally just skip the bottom face and just set the dice over your light. Done.

Paper D20 lamp, DND dice, role playing games, dice goblins
Paper D20 lamp, dnd role playing games, dice goblins
Paper D20 dice lamp project, dnd dice lamp


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