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Frankie Ray, Table Top Tinkering DnD dice sets by Critical Kit

Meet the Creator, Frankie Ray

Since 2012 Frankie has been making cute and quirky tabletop themed trinkets and treasures. Their favourite products are their Gelly Cube soaps (made with lavender from their own garden) and handsculpted mimics. A lifelong fan of tabletop gaming, Frankie started making things for themself, then gifts for friends, and it expanded from there!

A veritable click clack gremlin, Frankie is always creating fun new ways to store their dice (many of which came from the lovely people at Critical Kit) or minis that they have painted.You can follow Frankie at or @tabletoptinker/@tabletoptinkering on all socials.

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Frankie's creations

  • Tiefling horns by Frankie Ray, Critical Kit DnD dice sets, uk dice store, dice goblins

    Antelope Horns

    These horns are hand painted, composed and assembled to give the perfect fey or satyr vibe. It is recommended to wear these with bobby pins for ultimate comfort and security.

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  • Frankie Ray, creator on Critical Kit, DnD dice store, dice goblins

    Jelly Cube with full set of dice

    The friendliest gelly cubes around! With a 90% guarantee they won't envelop you, these soaps have a refreshing scent and contain a full set of polyhedral dice.

    The dice set contained is matching, but random. For specific coloured sets, please contact me to arrange a custom order. I'm happy to help where possible!

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  • Frankie Ray, creator on Critical Kit, DnD dice store, dice goblins, dice shop online

    Conditioning Rings

    This set of 16 condition rings is compatible with most tabletop roleplaying games. Main ring is a duochrome acrylic that flashes gold/magenta and the writing is inked and glossed.

    Available as a set for £15 or individually for £3 each. When purchasing individual please provide a note with your order from the ones pictured so I know which one you want.

    Miniatures not included, though I do provide miniature painting on commission basis.

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