Stay safe, stay sane.

A quick update to all of my amazing customers.

Firstly, I hope you are staying safe and sane. If at any point you are starting to feel a bit anxious or need an outlet, please feel free to email me on or send a message over FB or Insta.

Now, onto business.

The lockdown will not affect my ability to fulfil online orders - there will still be same day posting where possible as the government are permitting essential work travel.

However, deliveries may take longer than 48 hours to get to you as our amazing postal workers are stretched at the moment. Be patient (I know you all are) and you will get them.

Also, to reassure you that both you and I safe, I sanitise my hands before and after packing the orders; to make the deliveries I step out of my door, into my car and drive 3 minutes to Royal Mail online postage box. At no point do I come into contact with anyone else. Moreover, the government still advises that it is highly unlikely that transmission can occur through packaging.

I am also sending out a few emails each week that focus on staying mentally strong and offering some words that might help. You can sign up to the newsletter over at the website.

That's all for now. Please look after each other by email, messaging and voice calls.