With thanks to Steve (RP Haven) our jumbo D20 was signed by three of the Critical Role team, (that's Steve in the photo). No other than, Laura Bailey, renowned Dice Goblin signed the 20 face.

This is now going to be raffled so that one of you Critters will have the opportunity of adding this to your dice hoard (we know you have one).

The original plan was to raffle this at Dragonmeet in December. Sadly this won't give us time to apply for the needed raffle license.

Therefore the raffle will be drawn at UKGE in June 2024. This will give us time to add even more signatures to the chonk, starting with Luke Gygak who will be at Dragonmeet.

Not going to be at UKGE - don't worry as you will be buy a raffle ticket online.

So, who are we raising money for?
All the money raised will be donated to two UK charities: Games Therapy and RP Haven.

RP Haven

RP Haven are the UK’s largest charity fundraising RPG club, with several branches across the UK. They’re entirely volunteer-run, from the committees at each branch, right to the board of directors, and their mission is to bring Fun, Safe, Charity gaming to the community. Currently have 7 branches, across England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as an online branch.

Visit RP Haven
Game Therapy a uk charity providing support through role playing games

Game Therapy UK

Game Therapy UK is a new and innovative charity set up to promote Therapeutic Gaming in the UK for the public benefit.

Game Therapy UK's vision is to ensure an access to all those who would benefit from Therapeutic Gaming. 

Game Therapy values: inclusivity, accessibility and compassion. 

Game Therapy UK's activities include supporting the provision of high quality, evidence-based Therapeutic Gaming projects to the UK population across the areas of physical health, mental health and social disadvantage.

Visit Game Therapy