Chocolate d20 dnd dice for TTRPG role playing games

Chocolate D20

Perhaps not quite for the weekend.  Although if you are a dice maker and you have masters available this could make an exciting project to cast your dice in chocolate, instead of resin.

From my original 3D printed master, which I bought custom made by Little Lotus Gaming, I then made a condensation cure mold and cast a further four D20s, which then made the molds from platinum premium silicone.  For the chocolate molds, I used these D20s to cast in food safe silicone.  Now I'm not entirely sure that I had the mix right, as the mold was solid and it wasn't very flexible and trying to remove the dice was a challenge. This didn't change when trying to demold the chocolate D20s and in the end, as I didn't want to damage the shape, I did use an exacto knife and carefully cut slits down the one side of the D20 so that they could be removed.  The plan is to try these again, as chocolate stirrers.

Chocolate D20 DND dice

Not all the cake is in view, as this wasn't my proudest moment in cake baking, which I would consider myself quite experienced with.  I've made the odd cake, given that I have three kids, and once birthday season arrives, its pretty much a cake a month from March, including extended family as well.

For Tim's birthday it is usually a carrot cake, with lime mascarpone topping (Jamie Oliver).  Which I always seem to make way too much of and each time I pass through the kitchen, before I do anything else, I'll be spreading some on a biscuit.


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