MCM London

Where to begin it has been a whirl wind for the passed couple of weeks. We are now back from UKGE, which was the week after MCM London. Two of the largest gaming and comic-cons in the UK.  It’s now Tuesday afternoon and the body battery still isn’t feeling fully charged.  

Starting with MCM London.  We are looking forward to when our daughter can join us, as I feel that she will love it.  MCM, was the same weekend as Izzy's anticipated dance show, Showtime.  Fortunately, the dance school let us join their dress rehearsal, and my family piled down from Yorkshire to fill the seats in support.

What can I say about MCM.  It is a phenomenal event and me and Tim are yet to have the opportunity to experience it for ourselves.

What I love about MCM are that the cos-players are not only visitors but a large part of the event.  The outfits are stunning and its an endless delight of spotting and guessing characters.

Tim attended a Creators event on the Friday organised by Dice Breaker and I had the pleasure of Sam, from our Discord, who was one of the original play tester of Tim’s 5E one shot adventures and a regular on the streams.  It was a delight to spend the day with them.

Again we had great convention neighbours, Monica and Jeff from Arcana Clockwork, who make some beautiful leather dice bags and they have recently added dice trays to their range.  

We also caught up with Winter from Sophie & Toffee, who is a ray of sunshine. Dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, she had cast 10 seashells from resin and handed them out to the Ariel’s, to give them their voices back.  She is such a beautiful person.

UKGE, Birmingham