As the sun leaves us for the showers. This is what we’ve being doing in July at Critical Kit.

Hullo Dice Lover and Fellow Adventurer,

It's been another busy month, as we head to conventions and work on finishing exciting projects.  The starter set for Death Valley is on the horizon for publishing and White Sands is already heading out, as well as the next in the solo-TTRPG adventures, Be Like A Cat is in production.

White Sands
A massive thanks to those of you who took the time out to play test White Sands with us.  It was fantastic to see how the Activists responded to the their mission and engaged with the adventure.  We introduced a few newbies to the world of RPGs (role-playing games), as well as more experienced players, albeit with 5E adventures.  We appreciate you coming along for the adventure, thank you.
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A little short for a storm trooper.

Why we love conventions

Conventions are a great opportunity for us to meet you all and we love to hear your role playing adventures and we won’t forget the person we came to share their game play of MacDeath and the antics of their players, it was wonderful to hear.

Conventions also give me and Tim, time away together, with the ‘kids’ being less depend on us. It hasn’t transpire quite as we expected, as the days are so full-on. We do enjoy at least one meal out. Exploring the local cafes and restaurants is now a massive bonus and a treat. Although a cheeky Nando’s is the standard, we are excited when we find an unexpected Indian or Thai restaurant, which we did in London.

Conventions are also an opportunity to meet new people, fellow traders and Critical Kit Critters alike. At LFCC our convention neighbour was the fantasy author Lauren L. MacRae. Amazingly she had managed the event all on her own and was travelling to and from home each day. It was a touching moment, when her mum surprised her to give her support and company.  

One thing I can say about the Olympia is that it is a stunning venue, which has a glass domed ceiling, meaning for one of the first times, we had natural light, which allowed the dice sets to truly shine.

Although cos-play wasn’t prevalent, it did have as you would suspect a whole host of TV and film guests, with Tim enjoying telling everyone he was at an event with Chuck Dee and survived.

What's happening at Critical Kit

Aside from the daily tasks, personally I am enjoying the lessoning demands on me as a mother and I have more time to enjoy activities and one of those is cooking, which I have always done, only now I feel that I have more time to experiment and feel relaxed and not rushed to serve everyone between school and an activity. This week it has been a sweet potato and tofu katsu curry, falafel wraps and hummus, which will replace Friday night pizza (my son isn’t here, so he won’t know). Oooh and my friend introduced me to harissa baked chickpeas, which were mouth watering, so I have an extra tin of chickpeas to make those - can’t wait.

Tim is in full writing mode, with White Sands published he is on with the Death Valley starter set and the art work is looking stunning.

July’s dice sub-boxes are all mailed. With August’s theme, Bee dice sub-box a celebration of summer (although with the rain hammering down outside, its hard to imagine that right now).

We would like to thank all of you for your lovely feedback for the sub-boxes. It was great to use the sub-boxes to support a local charity, OK2BU and their work with young LGBTQ+ people in Somerset. I was aware of the charity through their work in training tutors and staff at a local college to broader their understanding and the needs of their students. 

If you have a suggestion for a theme, please let us know and if we choose yours, you will receive that months box for FREE, email

Dungeons and Dragon, RPG role playing games at UK gaming convention
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Critical Role are heading to MCM!

We are still absolutely buzzing from the announcement that Critical Role will be making MCM, London. Now we appreciate that their won’t be any chance of us meeting or bring able to join their event. Just being there amongst the excitement of Critical Role and hearing your encounters, not to mention the Critical Role cos-play is going to be like no other. We can’t wait.

Where next…

Mega Con in Manchester, 28, 29, 30th July.

Thank you for letting me waffle on. 

Hope you are well and happy adventures,

Sarah and Tim x

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Indie TTRPG role playing games

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