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Make your own dice tray in 5 minutes!

During a recent trip to Hobbycraft, to buy wool to crochet Lancel the lion lovey, which is to be gifted to my nephew and his girlfriend on the arrival of their first child.

On the way out, there was a stack of box frames both black and white, at half price for £3!  Not knowing what I wanted to do it, but not wanting to miss the opportunity I grabbed one.

Remembering that last year I bought a bundle of swatches from Spoonflower, I had one swatch left and I knew that it would make the perfect backdrop for either a dice tray or a frame for dice*.

Going with the dice tray, was the simplest and quickest project which would have immediate use.  

All you need is:

  • A box frame
  • Fabric of  your choice - I used a swatch (20 cm x 20 cm) of Circle of Spores - Pastel fabric by Fairy Forged Fabrics.
  • Backing lining (not necessary)
  • Adhesive of your choice - I used heat gun.


  • Scissors
  • Butter knife


  1. Breakdown the frame, by removing the backboard from the frame and setting  the acrylic frame to one side, as this won't be needed.
  2. Iron your chosen fabric, if needed.
  3. Use the backing board as a temple to cut out the lining (if using).  
  4. Lay the fabric face down and center the lining. 
  5. Lay the backing board in the center of the fabric and secure using adhesive of your choosing - on the back.  I used a heat gun. 
  6. Make sure that you pull the fabric smooth to make sure there are no creases.
  7. Cut the corners to create smooth flat box corners.
  8. Re-assemble the frame without the acrylic screen.  
  9. Secure the clips flat, using the butter knife.

The mushroom themed dice tray was a fantastic complement to January's sub-box, which was also mushroom themed and came with a cute enamel pin badge.

There you have it!  A new dice tray in no time.

Roll in style! 

I would like to thank my son, Aaron for making the video demonstration and @arcaneathems for the music 

*I am going to try framing dice for a future project.  Tim suggested that they be set in resin, although I am not sure I could commit them to resin, and would like to be able to remove them if needed.  


make your own box dice tray
make your own dnd dice tray
Make your own dice tray
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