What is a solo RPG?

What is a solo RPG?

Solo role playing games, have been around for a while. With a number of solo-rpg creators publishing their games and adventures, which can be played independently.

The benefit of these are:

  1. If your D&D game has cancelled, you have an option to gain your role playing fix.
  2. If you're new to role playing games, a solo RPG is a great introduction as it has many of the same mechanics, such as: character creation, skill checks and combat. Providing you with confident when joining a multiplier game.
  3. They are simply convenient, as they fit with your schedule.

 Of course the game I would recommend is the awarding winning Be Like A Crow. 

You start by creating your character, which you choose from one of six corvid species.

Then you choose your setting, from Urban Crow, Cyber-Crow, Gothic Crow, Fantasy Crow, Clockwork Crow and a political intrigue in the Ravens of the Tower, based in the Tower of London.

 The aim is to survive from a fledging, to juvenile to finally an old crow, by completing objectives.

Objectives are randomly generated by playing cards, as are the characters, locations and objects you will encounter. Also providing infinite game play.

An objective takes roughly an hour, depending on your journalling style. You can illustrate your adventures, create a comic story, or expand on the adventure as your time permits.

So what do I need?

  1. The core rule book, Be Like A Crow.
  2. A standard deck of playing cards.
  3. Map and character sheets.
  4. Notebook, pen, or your laptop to record your adventures.

Should you like to explore more solo RPGs, you can also check out D666 a dungeon building solo RPG, also available by Critical Kit.



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