Watch & Win

We are excited to share with you the Critical Kit Twitch channel which kicked off with the live stream of our popular one-shot, MacDeath and features regular TTRPG related content. Even better, each week on our Not of This Earth stream we giveaway a set of dice to one lucky viewer!

Our Streams

  • Not of This Earth

    Streams every Tuesday, 7pm (BST)
    Each week on this interactive world building stream, everyone is welcome to throw their ideas in the chat as we build an original TTRPG setting that is free for everyone to steal or borrow from.

    Plus, one lucky viewer wins a set of dice!

  • Be Like a Crow

    Streams every Thursday, 7pm (BST)
    Watch Tim Roberts, creator of the solo-RPG, Be Like a Crow, play through his own game, proving it's totally okay to not know all of the rules, even if you wrote the game. We're currently following the adventures of a cyber-crow.

  • Critical Kit Twitch channel, uk dice store and rpg creator Tim Roberts

    Once every few weeks we run a 5th edition one-shot with a group of a amazing creatives. We understand that some streamed DnD shows are difficult to keep up to, so we opt for shorter campaigns that give you your fix without having to catch up on dozens of episodes.

Critical Kit Twitch channel, uk dice store and rpg creator Tim Roberts


A murder mystery, set in the Feywild, starring Harli, Kurt Wise, Serenity and Arcane Anthems. Watch our stars perform a play for the Queen of the Summer Court, and solve the mysterious death of Willerd Rattlesword.

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High Stakes

Come join us on a flying casino as our adventurers attempt to pull off a daring heist involving a 5000gp ruby. Stars Ant, Abi, Helen and Adam.

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